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With every Bigg Boss season, makers have always managed to bring out their most creative side when it comes to designing the Bigg Boss house. For Bigg Boss Season 11 also, they have put their best foot forward by giving the responsibility to their regular Omung Kumar, the mind behind all the madness inside the house.

In Bigg Boss 11 We will see contestants in two groups, Gharvale and Padosi, the interior of the house does not reveal much about the concept of the show but looks extremely artistic and fancy. “It took us 55 days to design the entire set. It sits on 19,400 square feet and there are total 90 cameras inside the house. We have tried to make it a modern day house and that’s why everything is so colourful,” Omung said.

Let’s take a look at Bigg Boss Season 11 House

Garden area/Activity area of Bigg Boss 11 House
The first thing that the contestants generally get to witness when they step into the territory of the BB house is its lush lawn, where they also have to perform various tasks given by the Bigg Boss. Well, this year though the garden area has been kept a little smaller than the previous seasons, no compromises have been made in its greenery. With colourful cushions and tables, wooden benches, mini pool and gym, the lawn is surely going to be the best site for the contestants to meditate or just simply relax. It also has a smoking area, which is at the extreme corner of the garden.
Bigg Boss house season 11



Living area of Bigg Boss 11 House
The main entrance gate takes you to the liveliest place of the house– Living room. This place is all about colours. A multi-coloured button wall in the area makes the room look super funky and gives energetic vibes. But at the same to balance out the eye-popping shades, there are framed black-and-white drawings and sketches on the wall. Interestingly, this time the living area has two extra-long sofas. When we asked about the change, Omung said, “We deliberately decided to use the idea of two sofas so that it would help break the monotony and also in that way the contestants could easily bitch about each other while sitting in the same place.”
Living area of Bigg Boss 11 House
living area 2



Kitchen and dining area of Bigg Boss 11 House
These two places are known for giving the show its most controversial moments time and again. And Omung knows it! He said, “These are the two areas where generally the blame game happens in the house so this time we have used a round dining table instead of a rectangular one because then it will be easy for the contestants to confront each other. A lot of mirror work and pop art have been done on the walls of the area to give it a comic world feel.” Meanwhile, the kitchen has been given a cafe like set-up, with an extensive use of woodwork and colourful crockery.
Kitchen and dining area of Bigg Boss 11 House


Kitchen and dining area of Bigg Boss 11 House 2



Bedroom area of Bigg Boss 11 House

This is that part of the house, which has served audience a lot of drama and entertainment– from capturing morning dance moves of the contestants to their emotional breakdown. The room this time has eight double beds that mean all the contestants will be staying together and there will be no two different sections for Padosi and Gharvale, as it was being reported. There is a use of complete ‘Red and Pink’ in and around the surroundings and furniture of the bedroom. However, the beds don’t have drawers this time so all contestants will have to keep their luggage outside the bedroom. But where? Relax! Omung has specially designed an area where all the suitcases will be kept.

Bedroom area of Bigg Boss 11 House


Washroom area of Bigg Boss 11 House
Kumar has made sure that contestant not only get to see the greenery in the lawn but also inside the house and that is why you will be watching a lot of artificial grass in the bathroom area once the show gets on-air. The walls and floors are covered with flowers and bushy plants. Apart from two separate bathrooms and toilets, there’s a pristine white Jacuzzi in the washroom area.

Washroom area of Bigg Boss 11 House


Confession room of Bigg Boss 11 House
Besides elimination process, this place is popular among BB lovers for the clever moves of Bigg Boss, where he gives the secret task to the contestants that often results in big fights and arguments. This year’s confession room has a retro touch, with a huge car-shaped red recliner placed inside the room. The entrance of the confession room is quite confusing as there are mirrors everywhere. However, the area is less colourful in comparison to the rest of the house.

Confession room bigg boss 11



Jail/Punishment zone of Bigg Boss 11 House
We hope no one gets in there! The BB 11 house has an underground jail with a dirty washroom and three uncomfortable beds, which indicates that this time multiple people are going to be locked inside the prison at a time. “Makers wanted me to design a jail as dirty as the one in my film Sarbjit, where Randeep Hooda’s character stayed. So, I have taken the inspiration from there,” Omung said.

Jail of Bigg Boss 11 House

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