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As You Know Pakistani Dramas have always been a Class above the Rest.We take pride in the fact that Pakistan has a flourishing Entertainment Industry full of gifted individuals who are working day and night to make Pakistani dramas even better than they are now or were in the past.

This Website focuses on Promoting Pakistani Dramas and Pakistani Talent Because we believe that is the only way in which we can add to our Entertainment Industry.

Our site www.dramaindustry.pk caters to all the Upcoming Pakistani Dramas,Actors and Actresses News/Gossip and much More. This Website is for all those who love Pakistani Dramas.

History of Pakistani Drama Industry.

Pakistan Television Corporation (PTV) was the first major televised media broadcasting network in Pakistan.It was Founded by an international-sector organization NEC, under license from the Government of Pakistan.The first live transmission of Pakistan Television began on November 26, 1964.

During the decades of the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s, PTV dramas and teleplays were considered as the best in the subcontinent.These included Khuda Ki Basti, Unkahi, Tanhaiyaan, Aangan Terha, Fifty Fifty, Studio Dhai (2-1/2), Studio Ponay Teen (2-3/4), Andehra Ujala, Sona Chandi, Uncle Urfi, Taleem-e-Baalighan, Alif Noon, Waaris, Dhoop Kinare, Sunehray Din,Guest House Alpha Bravo Charlie, Ana, Akhri Chatan, Zair, Zabar, Pesh and block buster serials like Dhuwan, Kath Putli, Wafa Ham Nibhaein Gai, Bandhan, Kaghaz Kay Phool, Muqqdas, Bint-e-Adam, Malangi, Sawan, Sheela Bagh, Tinkay, Aisa Bhi Hota Hai, rasta de zindgi, Chuban, Kuch Lamhay, khuwahesho kay sarab, and many others.

In 2002, the then government of Pakistan opened up new ways for the media industry of Pakistan by allowing private TV channels to operate openly even to telecast their own news and current affairs content. Prior to that the only private TV channel of the country NTM was not allowed to transmit its own news and current affairs programmings. Indus Vision (first ever private satellite channel of Pakistan). ARY Digital, Geo Tv (these networks gave a new shape & vision to News and Current affairs programming in Pakistan), Hum Tv, and the phenomenon went on & on.

Top Tv Channels Right Now.

Hum Tv
Hum Network Limited was known as Eye Television Network Limited prior to January 21, 2011. Hum TV began its transmission on January 17, 2005. Hum Network announced its first Hum Awards ceremony will be held in March 2013.

Ary Digital
ARY Digital, formerly known as the Pakistani Channel, was launched in the United Kingdom in December 2000 to cater to the growing demands of South Asian entertainment in the region.It was founded by a Pakistani businessman, Abdul Razzak Yaqoob (ARY).

Geo Entertainment
Geo Entertainment or Geo Drama is a Pakistani entertainment television channel owned by Geo Television Network was established in May 2002.Its test transmission started on August 14, 2002 whereas on October 1, 2002 the regular transmission of Geo Entertainment was started.